This week I was able to attend the GenCyber Camp on Dakota State University’s campus.  The week was filled with information packed seminars, good food, and plenty of hands-on work with geeky gadgets & gismos.  I had a great time and hope to attend again in the future.  There is no doubt that many things I was introduced to in the last week will serve me well in the modern classroom.  Below are some materials and resources I have gathered in order to earn graduate credit through DSU.

Cyber Security Posters:

Poster 1: Abstraction  (Adobe Spark Post)
Poster 2: Process Isolation  (Google Drawing)

Classroom Resources:

Edpuzzle – Create Interactive Videos and Track Student Progress
BreakoutEDU – Learning Though Solving Puzzles, Build Teamwork, Garner Student Interest
Padlet – Make Boards, Documents, and Webpages That are Easy To Read and Contribute To
Adobe Spark – Add Cinematic Motion · Beautiful Typography · Iconic Imagery · Share Everywhere
Flipgrid – Video for Student Engagement and Formative Assessment
Kahoot – Game Style Questioning for Review & Informal Assessment
Desmos – Graphing Calculator & Enrichment Activities
Nearpod – Interactive Multimedia Presentations
Story Map – Use Maps to Create a Story or Presentation
HyperDocs – Create Interactive Documents that Guide Students Through a Lesson/Unit

Lesson Plans:

Lesson 1 – Sloving One-Step & Two Step Equations via Edpuzzle
Lesson 2 – Estimating Real Numbers Lockbox

Group #3 Padlet


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