Math 7 Course Description


7th Grade Math Core Syllabus

Students will be using the Digits curriculum throughout the school year in math class.  This program offers students a variety of resources to assist them in their learning. When completing problems on Digits, students have a variety of resources available to them including: “Help Me Solve This”, “View an Example”, video lessons, a glossary and math tools.  Students receive immediate feedback to the answers they input online.  If unable to answer correctly given two chances, students may choose to complete a similar exercise in order to earn credit for that question.  Additional resources to help you become familiar with digits can be found through the school website or by Clicking Here.

In addition to Digits, students will regularly be assigned Flipped Classroom lessons where they watch a video of a lesson at home.  The expectation is that they will take good notes throughout these lessons to bring their own insights into the next class period, where we will dive deeper into the concepts presented in the video.

You can logon to Digits using any of the three links below:

Grading Policy

My goal is to help all students find success in the math classroom and gain an appreciation for the subject.  Too many students all over the world leave the math classroom feeling defeated with little hope to rebound from prior mistakes.  Luckily, I am not grading for mistakes, but for mastery, which at any time can be attained with some effort.  In all honesty, some students will have to work extremely hard to reach the level of mastery, but I will offer them the chance to work for it at any time, as many times as they want.  I don’t want a classroom full of students who ‘already get it,’ but a room full of resilient pupils ready to work towards success and find value in it.

Brass Tax:

  • I will award up to 100% credit for homework if a student wishes to do the work, by fixing the mistakes, answering a new set of questions with mastery, or by simply finishing up an assignment that was incomplete.  The key though is to do the work by the time it is due.  Don’t get behind as best as you can help it.  It only makes things more difficult for me and for you.  Let’s find success together!
  • I will award up to 90% credit for assessments if a student requests to answer a new set of problems for the ones they answered incorrectly.